November 18, 2019 | San Diego, California
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Hieu Nguyen

Applied Researcher
Hieu Nguyen is an applied researcher at eBay. He is working on developing a consistent, scalable, high-performant and multi-region graph service that is highly demanded by many eBay teams. He graduated from  University of Southern California with a PhD degree in Computer Science. His past research focused on architectures where a data store (SQL or NoSQL) is augmented by a cache layer (in-memory key-value stores such as memcached or Redis), described as the Cache Augmented Data Stores (CADS) architecture. His thesis topic was on exploring applications of asynchronous writes with a CADS architecture such as implementing a write-back policy to improve system throughput and latency while ensuring consistency, scalability and fault tolerance. He had published papers on conferences that include Middleware, VLDB and SoCC.